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College & Career SuccessYou have access to College & Career Success, now what? For responses to the most common questions, check out these bolded menu links after logging in:

  • How does College & Career Success work? College & Career Success Instructor Manual outlines how the program works. It also has implementation checklists, chapter summaries and supporting activities, to make getting started quick and easy.
  • What does College & Career Success look like for students? The link under Sample Chapters shows you what the student sees. Click any chapter to see the “textbook” content – complete with realistic answers. Click View Results to see an example of responses for the chapter. For quizzes, the view details link will show you the questions and answers.
  • What do the personality type, learning style and intelligences reports look like? To view report results, click My Portfolio. Click My Portfolio again and on the Summary tab under each program name click View Full Report – AchieveWORKS Personality for personality, AchieveWORKS Intelligences for emotional and multiple intelligences, and AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity for learning style and preferences. Don’t forget to try these assessments yourself! Ask us if you don’t have access. Click Pro Tools to return.
  • How do I see the students in my class? In the Quick Search bar search by name or email address and click the magnifying glass to see all individuals in the account or click Individuals to see all the students in your account. Under Your Groups, click the group name to see individuals in a group you created.
  • How do I look at students’ results? To see an individual student’s results locate an individual, click on their name, and click Portfolio. Click Go To College & Career Success then the student’s results on the portfolio homepage by clicking the link for chapters, report or career match. To see the results of several students, choose a product, group and/or product configuration under Results and Reports.
  • How do I know when students complete their work? You can choose to be notified by email when students have completed their work. Under your account settings (top right of the screen) click Preferences then check “Notify me” and the Update button. If you are using Canvas, you can use your Canvas account to receive notifications.

What are some of the functions within College & Career Success? For a self-guided tour, check out the pages below after logging in. For optimal viewing, we recommend using the student account to look around.

Value of a college education
Chapter 1 page 3
Major selection
Chapter 1 page 4
Chapter 1 page 5
Chapter 1 page 6
Intrinsic/Extrinsic motivation
Chapter 1 page 9
Locus of control
Chapter 1 page 10
How to change a habit
Chapter 1 page 12
Chapter 1 page 14
Personality type and major
Chapter 2 pages 2-10
Career outlook and pay
Chapter 2 page 14
Multiple intelligences
Chapter 3 pages 2-4
Emotional intelligence
Chapter 3 page 5
Vocational interests
Chapter 3 pages 7-8
Chapter 3 pages 9-10
Decision making
Chapter 3 pages 11-12
Employment trends
Chapter 4 pages 2-6
Employment skills
Chapter 4 page 7
Career research and planning
Chapter 4 page 8-9
Building your resume
Chapter 4 page 10
Online presence
Chapter 4 page 11-12
Goal setting
Chapter 5 pages 2-3
Time management
Chapter 5 pages 4-11
Money management
Chapter 5 pages 12-15
Memory improvement
Chapter 6
Study skills
Chapter 7 pages 2-3
Reading strategies
Chapter 7 page 4-9
Math success
Chapter 7 page 10-12
Listening and Note taking
Chapter 8 pages 2-8
Writing improvement
Chapter 8 pages 9-12
Public speaking
Chapter 8 pages 13-14
Test anxiety and success
Chapter 9
Communication strategies
Chapter 10 pages 2-13
Conflict resolution
Chapter 10 page 14
Chapter 10 pages 15-17
Critical thinking
Chapter 11 pages 1-11
Creative thinking
Chapter 11 pages 12-15
Health and nutrition
Chapter 12 pages 3-6
Avoiding addictions
Chapter 12 pages 7-11
Avoiding sexual assault
Chapter 12 pages 12-13
Sleep and learning
Chapter 12 page 14
Stress management
Chapter 12 pages 16-17
Appreciating diversity
Chapter 13
Sexual orientation
Chapter 13 page 9
Thinking positively about the future
Chapter 14 pages 2-9
Achieving happiness
Chapter 14 pages 10-13
AchieveWORKS Personality (personality type)
Chapter 2
AchieveWORKS Intelligences (multiple intelligences)
Chapter 3
AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity (learning styles)
Chapter 7
Integration of Assessments
Chapter 2 page 8, Chapter 3 page 3, and Chapter 7 page 3
Auto-scored quiz
Chapter 1 page 13
Use of External Resources
Chapter 3 page 7
Current Information
Chapter 4 page 8
Interactive Learning
Chapter 5 page 4
Custom Variables
Chapter 5 page 14
Chapter 6 page 4
Like a textbook, College & Career Success is purchased by students, either from your bookstore or Human eSources, without direct cost to your institution. To learn more, please contact Carla Lundman at or 1-888-295-1520 extension 109.  

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