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Publish1st® provides a truly engaging and interactive online learning experience that’s easy to use, creates accountability, and can be fully integrated within learning management systems.

What is Publish1st?

Publish1st is a learning platform that allows for the creation or remixing of online interactive content with deep Learning Management System (LMS) integration and full reporting capabilities.

Where is Publish1st used?

Publish1st is used in a range of different learning settings, such as postsecondary courses, workshops and online training. It is based on more than a decade of experience creating and delivering interactive online textbooks.

How is Publish1st used?

It can be used in a variety of ways—for example, to convert existing print to digital content, to create online interactive textbooks, to publish OER (open educational resources) materials, and as courseware for fully online courses. Publish1st can also be used for nontraditional educational purposes, such as creating employee handbooks or compliance documents.

How does it work?

Your content is imported into Publish1st, interactive activities are added, and opportunities for reporting, such as quizzes and pre- and post-measurements, are set up. Once the work is published it can be adopted by educators and purchased by learners.

Why choose Publish1st?

Publish1st is a fully integrated and immersive platform for sharing and creating educational work. It offers a greater range of interaction for learners than other platforms, and is very easy to use. The deep integration with learning management systems lets educators and learners complete all of their work and grading within Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace or Moodle systems. It is affordable, works on any device with an internet browser (cellphone, tablet or computer), and doesn’t require an app or download to use. Publish1st supports WCAG 2.0 and publications can be made WCAG 2.0 accessible compliant.

Publish1st LMS Integration

What can be done in Publish1st?

  • Add, remove or edit content, from whole chapters to individual pages.
  • Engage learners with multimedia content – images, videos, and links to external webpages.
  • Reinforce learning with matching activities, multiple choice quizzes, item ratings, and Likert-scale surveys – plus add feedback and scoring that learners automatically receive upon completion of the activity.
  • Encourage personal reflection of material and interaction between learner and instructor with journal entries and open-ended quizzes.
  • Fully integrate published work with Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle LMS.
  • Receive learner feedback through star ratings, surveys, and open-ended responses.

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