The Resilient Professional: Psychological and Emotional Resilience Training

The Resilient Professional

2nd edition (2021)

ISBN 978-1-73344009-2-2

The Resilient Professional is a 13-chapter career survival manual for students desiring to work in highly stressful careers. The book will teach students the psychological and emotional survival skills to protect and heal their mind, body, and spirit from the effects of mental distress, burnout, traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue.

This online, interactive textbook covers six pillars of resilience. It is based on the Psychological and Emotional Resilience Training (PERT) curriculum, which meets all the qualifications to take the Certified Resilience Professional (CRP) exam*.

Students will learn resilience based upon the following pillars of resilience and well-being:

  1. self-regulation
  2. metal flexibility
  3. social connectedness and community building
  4. positive psychological strengths
  5. character strengths, purpose and self-direction
  6. self-care and revitalization

They will learn skills to foster resilience, enhance well-being, and improve physical and mental health.

This interactive textbook prepares students to address the challenges they’ll face by using interactive activities, self-scoring quizzes, educational videos, and journal entries that reinforce the content covered and encourage personal reflection.

* CRP industry exam is facilitated by the Trauma Institute International.

Author: Dr. Thomas E. Rojo Aubrey

Director of the Behavioral Health Sciences and Professor, Glendale Community College (GCC) in Arizona

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Table of Contents

Part : The Infection

  1. Human Resiliency
  2. The Neurobiology of Stress
  3. The Psychology of Stress
  4. The Psychology of Traumatic Stress
  5. Burnout
  6. Compassion Fatigue

Part : Treatment

  1. Mastering Self-Regulation
  2. Developing Mental Flexibility
  3. Exploring the Root Cause of Stress with Mental Flexibility
  4. Deploying Character Strengths, Purpose, and Self-Direction
  5. Fostering Positive Psychological Strengths
  6. Engaging in Social Connectedness and Community Building
  7. Practicing Self-Care and Revitalization

Included Activities

  • Perceived Stress Scale
  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Professional Quality of Life
  • State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
  • Mindset quiz
  • Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire
  • Grit Survey
  • Meaning in Life Questionnaire
  • Reflection journals
  • Expressive writing
  • Chapter quizzes
  • Videos

Additional Resources

  • Instructor manual
  • Supplemental activities
  • Test bank
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Study Guide for the Certified Resilience Professional (CRP) Exam

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