Show them
how to work


Research shows that students prefer to work and learn differently from one another and that having an understanding of the way individuals learn is critical for educational improvement.

The Learning Style Inventory is supported by over 30 years of research. Based on the original paper and pencil assessment developed by Dunn, Dunn and Price, the Learning Style Inventory has been proven to be a valid and reliable instrument.

Boost students’ test performance with improved study habits and attitude

Create the best possible
learning environment
for students

Gain time to work
with students with less
assessment administration

Take a peek inside The Learning Style Inventory

Learning Style Inventory questionsLearning Style Inventory chartLearning style preferencesThe Learning Style Inventory in Spanish

For grades 3-12

Assessment uses scenarios familiar to students and takes
15-20 minutes

Easy reference

Report includes a chart showing all of a student’s preferences at a glance
(view report)

Improve learning

Each preference has a description and tips to make the most of their environment


Switch between English, Spanish and more for English Language Learners

“Every student comes into the classroom with distinct preferences that can be leveraged for greater success and satisfaction.”

-middle school teacher

The Learning Style Inventory is…

  • Age-appropriate
  • Fast and convenient
  • Online and fully automated
  • Statistically valid and reliable
  • Accurate and precise
  • Multilingual and culturally relevant
  • Insightful reporting
  • Based on 30+ years of research

All of our programs boast:



Available online, any time, from anywhere (24x7x356)



Live customer support for both staff and students



Use in any internet browser – no specific device required



Secure personal portfolios for students and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I
learn more about
the research behind
learning styles?

A: Just take a look at our
research section.

Q: What preferences
are covered in
The Learning Style Inventory?

A: Have a look at the 16 different learning preferences.

Q: What do the
terms “valid” and
“reliable” mean?

A: A valid instrument measures precisely what it claims to measure. A reliable one yields… READ MORE

“It was interesting to think about everything that can affect how I study and I thought the results were accurate.”


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