AchieveWorks and CollegeScope Research Support

Human eSources products, including AchieveWorks Personality (formerly known as Do What You Are), AchieveWorks Learning & Productivity (formerly known as the Learning Style Inventory), and AchieveWorks Intelligences (formerly known as MI Advantage), have been the subject of various statistical analyses to demonstrate reliability and validity of the assessments.

More information on existing research can be found at https://humanesources.com/research/


In order to continue to advance the development of AchieveWorks® assessments, Human eSources supports the use of our products in research projects. This may include research on topics including, but not limited to, personality type, learning styles, environmental learning preferences, information processing, motivation, emotional intelligence, and multiple intelligences.


CollegeScope®, our interactive online textbook developed to ensure first-year success in postsecondary institutions, can also be used in research projects. In addition to the AchieveWorks assessments, it includes chapters on personal awareness, college readiness, career exploration, learning and productivity, communication, career readiness, financial and physical health, and Title IX.

Considering using our products in a research project?

Human eSources aims to support the use of our products in research projects by reviewing requests to provide free or reduced-cost access. Once your research project has been approved for support, we will provide consultation and training as well as access to all data for your account.

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