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It starts with your MyData Portfolio

MyData® Portfolio securely houses all your professional qualifications and experiences needed to create and customize job winning resumes. With our guided process, you can quickly and easily start a new resume or import an existing one, then make any additions or edits.

When you need to generate a job-specific resume, you simply select which information you would like to include from your MyData Portfolio, and leave out the rest.

ATS Ready

Most resumes are first evaluated by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), not people. Up to 75% of those resumes are rejected before ever being viewed by a person. The included Human eSources resume design templates are tried and true formats that will help ensure you pass the ATS compatibility check.

With Human eSources, you can be assured that your qualifying resume makes it into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers.

Unlimited Resumes

Create as many resumes as you want. We'll store them for you for easy future access and use.

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