We believe in the power of potential: illuminate yours.

About Human eSources

Human eSources is in the potential business and has been developing solutions that help people find and connect their passion, purpose and potential in life to careers and education for the past 25 years. We’ve helped millions of people discover their unique strengths, skills, and talents, then use this insight to help connect them with prospective employers and chart meaningful and satisfying educational and career paths. Our philosophy is simple: we believe that everyone has the right to a satisfying, fulfilling career and life.

The name Human eSources was purposely chosen because the company is focused on human-centric solutions as it relates to career and education, with the intent to connect people to their right fit careers. “People first” guides our approach to running the organization, deciding on product strategy, and taking care of our customers. Our organizational beliefs are respect for differences, helping people, quality-driven, transparency and honesty, profitability and fiscal responsibility, work/life balance, forward-thinking, and creating disruptive products.

Our deep belief fuels our passion that each of us has unique, innate gifts, skills and talents, and using them is the secret to fulfilling our potential and connecting to academic and career success.

We partner with industry thought leaders and educational and vocational professionals in developing our tools to ensure they represent state-of-the-art pedagogy. Our solutions are based on clinically proven methodologies and have been statistically proven for reliability and validity.

We strive to be recognized as a global leader in supporting and connecting human potential to career and education opportunities. You’ll find our tools at work in more than 130 countries around the world, developing and connecting human potential to meet the needs of the global economy.

Your Potential. Our Passion. is more than our slogan. It’s our mission… and it gets each of us up every morning and keeps us focused on what’s important… helping people connect to and fulfill their potential in school, work, and life. We walk the talk, too, by supporting programs serving socio-economically challenged students, young adults in detention centers, and returning veterans with generous scholarship support to ensure every individual has the chance to succeed.

  • 2022
    • Launch of MyData Portfolio and Resume Builder
  • 2020
    • Publishing platform rebuild & rebrand to Publish1st
  • 2019
    • AchieveWorks Intelligences wins CODiE award
    • AchieveWorks Skills wins EdTech Cool Tool award
  • 2018
    • AchieveWorks Skills launched
    • CollegeScope CODiE award finalist
    • TruTalent college & adult assessment suite rebrand
    • CollegeScope wins Digital Book World award
  • 2017
    • 20th anniversary of Human eSources
    • AchieveWorks K-12 assessment suite rebrand
  • 2016
    • Exceeded 1 million annual assessments
    • CollegeScope wins AACC Innovation Award
  • 2015
    • CollegeScope online interactive textbook launched
  • 2011
    • MI Advantage online multiple Intelligences assessment launched
  • 2010
    • Human eSources Canada offices opened
  • 2008
    • Publishing platform launched
    • College & Career Success online interactive textbook launched
  • 2007
    • 10th anniversary of Human eSources
  • 2005
    • The Learning Style Inventory and PEPS Learning Style Inventory online assessments launched
  • 1999
    • Do What You Are online personality assessment launched
  • 1997
    • Human eSources founded