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Human eSources’ age-appropriate products are designed to build student confidence and motivation through awareness of natural strengths, challenges, and improvement strategies.

As an education and school counselor, we know that you need to make the most of your time with each student. Our online resources are designed for 3rd to 12th grade, and you can rest assured that all of our programs are research-based, time-tested and scientifically proven to work – and they meet many of the American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) student standards!

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Do What You Are

Do What You Are® is based on the best-selling career book of the same name, and uses Carl Jung’s type theory that was further developed by Isabel Briggs Meyers and Katharine Briggs. Reveal how and where students will be most successful based on their personality type and using the integrated career database.

  • Written for 9th to 12th grade
  • Based on recognized personality type theory
  • Report includes an introduction to personality type, explanation of the student’s type, strengths and blindspots, college satisfiers, career satisfiers, preferred learning style, interpersonal negotiating style and potential careers and majors based on personality type
  • Staff and administrator version of student reports include a section with hints on how to communicate with that student
  • Share with parents to they can observe and recognize similarities and differences between themselves, their child and any siblings
  • Close dimension results require users to select a mini-profile for self-normalizing through self-intepretation
  • Profile rating by student indicates the perceived accuracy of results
  • Personality type results narrow career fields to best matches
  • Career Interest Survey asks students to rate their interest in specific career fields
  • Career matches use personality type and interest survey results for greater accuracy

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The Learning Style Inventory

The Learning Style Inventory is the leading learning style assessment in the education community, backed by the work of Dunn, Dunn & Price and more than three decades of research. Encourage successful learning by helping resolve students’ learning and productivity issues based on environmental, emotional, sociological, and physical preferences in 16 areas.

  • Questions tailored for 3rd to 5th grade or 6th to 12th grade
  • Report includes an introduction to learning styles with a chart summarizing all preferences and details for each preference and tips
  • Chart provides quick visual reference of all student preferences
  • Preferences covered are: design, alone/peer, sound, light, time of day, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, visual, intake, motivation, persistence, structure, teacher motivation, and mobility
  • Every preference includes tips for students to adapt themselves or their environment
  • Share with parents to increase their understanding of how their child learns best
  • Internal consistency check asks students to retake the assessment if answers are contradictory
  • Consistency score indicates the reliability of student answers

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MI Advantage

Founded on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, MI Advantage™ provides a more rounded view of students by looking at nine distinct types of intelligence. The report reveals students’ multiple intelligences profile with strengths and challenges, recommends careers based on results, and provides strategies to develop all the intelligences to boost learning and employment potential.

  • Written for 8th grade to college students
  • Includes existential intelligence, useful in leadership
  • Report includes an introduction to multiple intelligences, explanation of multiple intelligences profile, chart with score (low, mid-range, high) for all intelligences, traits from top ranked intelligences, top careers based on intelligence profile, and a detailed page for each intelligence with introductory description, examples of famous people, details of your score, in the learning environment, development suggestions, and how to build this intelligence using your other intelligence strengths
  • Multiple intelligences covered are: naturalist, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, existential, spatial, linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal
  • See top careers based on students’ intelligence profile

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All of our assessments boast the following features:

  • 15-20 minutes to complete
  • Secure personal portfolio for students and staff
  • No app download or installation required – just visit website
  • No formal training or certification required to administer the assessment
  • Use in any internet browser – no specific device required
  • Live customer support for both staff and students
  • View, print or save report as a PDF
  • Multilingual – English, Spanish and Portuguese included
  • Stop at any time and complete the assessment later
  • Administrator account manages staff access
  • Staff accounts can search students by assessment results (complete/incomplete), last name or student ID

College Majors, Careers & Job Search

  • Career database uses O*NET data and provides hundreds of profiles to explore and plan.
  • Rate and save careers to student portfolio for future reference
  • Hundreds of majors have been matched to the strengths and characteristics of each personality type
    (within Do What You Are)
  • View all careers by intelligence (within MI Advantage)
  • Career profiles include: job description, interests (Holland Code), related occupations, related college majors, video, 5 most important skills, 5 most important abilities, 5 most important knowledge areas, typical tasks, most common work activities, hourly and/or annual wages
  • Easily search for jobs locally or across the nation with one click
  • See the related college major/field of study for careers


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