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AchieveWorks® Intelligences, part of the AchieveWorks suite, helps high school students recognize their unique intellect, boost confidence levels, strengthen both emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences, and explore personalized career recommendations.

The AchieveWorks Intelligences assessment and results provide a more rounded view of clients by looking at the following types of intelligence: emotional, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, naturalist, spatial and existential. The report also asks individuals to rate themselves on the traits of emotional intelligence (EI) and provides suggestions to further develop all intelligences.

Founded on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory, AchieveWorks Intelligences has been written and normed specifically for students from 8th to 12th grade. Online and fully automated, counselors and consultants who use AchieveWorks Intelligences can spend more time helping clients and less time figuring out personal strengths and challenges, connecting career and education plans, and creating strategies for greater satisfaction and success in life.

Used together with AchieveWorks Personality and AchieveWorks Learning & Productivity, the AchieveWorks suite will reveal different aspects of an individual’s talents, gifts and preferences, as well as recommended careers, for an even greater understanding of each client.

Build self-esteem and self-knowledge

Recognize whole intellect

Match careers with intelligence strengths

MI Advantage (now known as AchieveWorks Intelligences) is a great confidence booster for my clients! It’s also a unique way to explore potential careers.”

– Private counselor

AchieveWorks Intelligences is

  • Written specifically for students
  • Research-based and field-tested
  • Fast and convenient
  • A measure of areas of strength
  • Linked to career suggestions
  • Statistically valid and reliable
  • Online and fully automated
  • Multilingual and culturally relevant

All of our programs boast:



Use in any internet browser – no specific device required



See results for individuals, groups   or all clients



Live customer support for both professionals   and clients



Secure personal portfolios house all information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are

A: In 1983 Dr. Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences… READ MORE

Q: How long does it
take to complete
AchieveWorks Intelligences?

A: It typically takes 20 minutes or less to complete the questions in AchieveWorks Intelligences.

Q: Is there any research on schools using multiple intelligences?

A: Project SUMIT (Schools Using Multiple Intelligences Theory) studied 42 schools… READ MORE

“I thought it was very helpful. It gave me a lot of career options that I had never considered before, and it eventually led me to make a decision on what I would like to do. It was a different way of looking at strengths and I really enjoyed it.”

– High school student

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