CollegeScope Grants Program

The Need

It is well documented that students who begin their postsecondary education (at four-year and two-year educational institutions, or vocational training programs) are more likely to persist to graduation if they have a clear sense of their personal strengths, career goals, “best practice” personal and study habits and a plan to reach their goal. 

This skillset has been shown to be particularly important for students who are first generation attendees at two- and four-year institutions, or who face significant social or economic demands in their life. You can read our white paper on The Need for First Year Experience Programs here.


The purpose of the Human eSources Grant program is to expand access to the award-winning CollegeScope® curriculum, and its ability to build self-confidence, personal insight and best practice habits that will lead to a successful postsecondary experience to high school and first-year college students facing significant social or economic challenges.

The Grants

CollegeScope Grants are awarded to institutions in several forms:

Pilot Grant

When CollegeScope is implemented as a pilot to serve first-generation postsecondary students, it will be provided to the section for free in exchange for aggregate (non-identifiable) data from the pilot that reports on student outcomes. Pilot structure and goals are subject to review and approval by Human eSources.

Socio-Economic Grant

When CollegeScope online textbook is adopted at a postsecondary institution, two free scholarships for socio-economically challenged high school or post-secondary students will be provided for every paid section offered, at the discretion of faculty.

Veterans Grant

When the CollegeScope online textbook is adopted at a postsecondary institution, military veterans enrolled in courses requiring the CollegeScope online textbook are eligible to receive it at no charge.

Recidivism Reduction Grant

When a postsecondary institution partners with a prison or juvenile detention center and provides faculty at no cost, CollegeScope electronic textbooks will be provided for no charge.

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