In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to update you on what Human eSources is doing to support our staff, partners and customers. We are very fortunate and uniquely positioned in that our entire product offerings are available online and our workforce worldwide is virtual, working from home, and have done so since our inception 23 years ago. This allows us to more easily apply social distancing techniques and ensure continuity of service to our partners and customers.

We have taken steps to ensure the safety of those we work with from COVID-19, suspending all travel and in-person meetings, including participation at conferences and events, through to the summer of 2021. While we will miss this opportunity to connect in person we look forward to future meetings. Human eSources has also conducted a systems audit and is taking all steps necessary to ensure continuation of service. When you need help, we will be here, with the same high level of service you expect. Additionally, we have assured our team that if any employee or a member of their family contract COVID-19 they will be paid throughout the recovery period.

At Human eSources we will continue to support counseling and career and education professionals through our online programs, providing personal insights and strategies for academic and career success. You can find a list of available resources at

We thank you for choosing to work with Human eSources and for helping individuals better understand their potential!

Ross Dickie

Wishing you good health,
Ross Dickie
President, Human eSources