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Spring 2023

Template settings

In templates, there is now a settings option to customize a specific resume. With this option you can customize the color for headings, add shading to headings, and make the shading corners squared or rounded.

The ability to customize the color of the main body text has also been added. The color options lets you pick from a set color palette or select any color you prefer.

Once you have customized a template, you have the option to choose the “apply to all” option to apple the settings to all templates for that resume.

Resume settings

In the resumes tab there is now a resume settings option that allows you to display additional date and competency details on a given resume. The details you can select are:

  • Date
    • Display months on work experience
    • Display months on education
    • Display start date on education experience
  • Competencies
    • Show competency levels on technical skills
    • Show competency levels on languages

Cover letter

Create a cover letter for your resume. In the MyData™ Portfolio tab click or tap the cover letter option in the left hand menu. A cover letter can attach to a resume and will show up as the first page of the resume, even when you download or print your resume, provided the cover letter is set to visible. Note: Only one cover letter can be selected per resume.

Cover letter suggestions

Select the suggestion wizard to generate a cover letter based on data from your resume. The wizard will put the contents in the text box, where you can edit for accuracy and clarity.

Section visibility warning

In the resume view you will see a warning if you try to toggle on/off individual visibility when a section’s visibility is toggled off.


Fall 2022

Resume and MyData™ Portfolio launched

Create or update your resume with Human eSources free resume builder:

  • In minutes create a new resume or import an existing resume
  • Fill out your skills easily with suggestions from the built-in wizard
  • Select a resume template for your needs
  • Match opportunities with a custom resume and easily print or download
  • All within your own secure portfolio