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Find the latest updates on this page. We’re always working to improve our products and we would love to hear your comments and suggestions. If you have an idea for improvement please fill out the Contact Us form on our website.

July 27, 2016

We’re ready for back-to-school with product updates that will make your experience even better:

  • Pro Tools now includes a report that shows students, their progress and grades for CollegeScope and College & Career Success.
  • Professionals can now add grades (out of 5), feedback and notes to student’s journal entries from the chapter results section in CollegeScope and College & Career Success. Notes are seen by the professional only – useful for a grading rubric.
  • Students using LMS (learning management systems) such as Blackboard and Canvas can now use a credit card to purchase CollegeScope and College & Career Success online.
  • is now used in Careers for all job searches, based on career title.
  • Students can filter careers using National Career Clusters (except students who have previously taken Do What You Are) in Careers.
  • Improved search functionality within Pro Tools makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Account setup now includes the ability to block students from seeing their assessment results right away. This is a useful feature when students must review their results with a counselor or advisor at a later time.

June 7, 2016

We’ve been listening! Read on for details about the completed enhancements customers have requested:

  • Welcome emails will now be sent out to all individuals with accounts for Center and Pro Tools.
  • Pro Tools dashboard is full of useful shortcuts and information for your account and is the first thing you’ll see after logging in as a professional. Note: Professionals linked to multiple accounts will not see a dashboard.
  • Resources section (in Pro Tools) is an easy place to find supporting materials for the programs you have. If you have students or clients just getting started in Center we recommend sharing the Quick Start Guide.
  • The Learning Style Inventory and The PEPS Learning Style Inventory reports in Pro Tools now show the relative distribution of individuals in a group or for the entire account. Hovering the mouse over a section of the bar graph reveals the percentage of individuals with that particular preference.
  • Professionals using CollegeScope and College & Career Success within Blackboard and Canvas can now add grades (out of 5), feedback and notes to student’s journal entries from the chapter results section.
  • Note: This feature will be available to all professionals in a future release.
  • Language and certain titles within Center and Pro Tools were previously student-focused. We have selected new wording and titles that better reflect our diverse client base (eg, individuals, groups, all).
  • After 55 minutes individuals will receive a 5 minute warning before their inactive session ends. This gives time to prevent loss of work in CollegeScope and College & Career Success. Unfinished assessments will continue where individuals left off.
  • Arabic has been added to the language options, with the exception of careers.
  • Pro Tools has been translated from English into Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Simplified Chinese and Arabic.
  • Career videos have been removed due to problems with the host site and outdated content.

February 25, 2016

  • Product access keys are now available for Blackboard and Canvas LMS users.
  • Language selected in Center (eg, Spanish, Portuguese) now carries over to Pro Tools for professionals.
  • Do What You Are now allows professionals to set the personality type of a student if the original assessment was not accurate upon review.

December 2015

We are very pleased to announce that our new platform, Center and Pro Tools is now available! Effective this month, new customers will be set up in Center and Pro Tools and existing customers can request to be switched to the new system or wait until we notify you of your account update in the fall.

Some of the changes you’ll notice are:

  • Everyone can now to log in to their individual or professional account at, saving you the hassle of bookmarking or remembering your account-specific URL.
  • Center (for individuals) and Pro Tools (for professionals) both have a completely new and modern look.
  • Access keys will now provide access to programs. All students (or professionals) need to do is create an account and enter a 7-digit “access key”, or code, and the program(s) related to that code will be added to their account.
  • Center guides individuals through the process with a “to do list” that asks them to take an assessment or start a program and explore the new career center. Individuals can also upload a picture to their account and manage which groups (classes) they belong to under My Groups.
  • CollegeScope Student Success Program has been renamed College & Career Success for the 7th edition.
  • Integration with both Blackboard and Canvas are now available for schools using those learning management system (LMS) and CollegeScope or College & Career Success.
  • Professionals can now view individual book pages with a student’s completed work when checking progress and instructors can now import grades from CollegeScope and College & Career Success into Canvas and Blackboard.
  • Chapter 9: Rights, Respect and Responsibility in CollegeScope includes new Title IX and Campus SaVE content.
  • Customers of CollegePlannerPro can now use Do What You Are, MI Advantage and The Learning Style Inventory within their CollegePlannerPro account. Talk to us for details.

January 2015

After two years of development we’re proud to launch our newest student success program, CollegeScope. Inside the textbook are 9 chapters filled with topics relevant to success in a student’s first year of college: personal awareness, college awareness, career awareness, planning for success, learning and productivity, communication and collaboration, interaction and diversity, career readiness, and life skills. Includes a bonus chapter to help colleges meet Title IX and Campus SaVE Act requirements and more interaction than ever before, with quizzes, journal entries, activities and more!

July 2013

We’ve been busy this season, updating our products and working on some exciting new enhancements. You’ll notice a few changes when you return this fall. Here’s what we’ve done to improve your Human eSources experience:

Do What You Are®

  • Reduced length and improved reliability. The number of questions in Do What You Are has been reduced, making it quicker to complete. The wording has also been simplified and made more concise, improving reliability and making the assessment even more accessible to students.
  • Instant job search. Simply Hired’s search has been integrated with the career list, allowing students to find jobs in their locale that match their career results.

The Learning Style Inventory

  • Honesty audit. An improved consistency checker in the Learning Style Inventory encourages students to provide well-considered, truthful responses, ensuring they receive valid results.

MI Advantage™

  • Quicker completion and greater reliability. The number of questions in MI Advantage has been reduced and a more effective range of responses has been introduced, making it faster to complete and providing more accurate results. We’ve also streamlined the wording to make it more manageable.
  • Instant job search. Simply Hired’s search has been integrated with the career list, allowing students to find jobs in their locale that match their career results.

We’ve also used psychometric analysis to refine Do What You Are, the Learning Style Inventory and MI Advantage, resulting in greater accuracy and more precise results in all three products.

October 2012

Learning Style updated for enhanced usability

Customers of the Learning Style Inventory and the AchieveWorks College Readiness Program will notice several changes to the learning style assessment .

  • Faster to complete. The number of questions has been reduced to 69, speeding up the time to complete and removing several repetitive questions, while improving reliability and validity.
  • Simplified preferences. The number of preferences covered has been streamlined to 16, removing redundancies for easier comprehension. Review the new list of preferences for 3rd to 12th grade.
  • Updated suggestions. The included tips and strategies to build learning ability and increase productivity have been expanded.
  • Refined reporting scale. Individuals’ results have been re-normalized with the most current data possible and the strength of a particular preference relative to the results of other individuals is now determined with greater precision.

As of October 1st, 2012, individuals using any of the above programs will see the updated version. Please note that reports for previously completed assessments will not change.

View the updated statistical analysis of the Learning Style Inventory. If you have questions about these changes, please visit the support page.

January 2012

CollegeScope™ Student Success Program Updates

  • New chapter order places career chapters first to help with student motivation and educational planning.
    Part I: Career Success
    – Chapter 1: Understanding Motivation
    – Chapter 2: Exploring Your Personality and Major
    – Chapter 3: Learning Style and Intelligence
    – Chapter 4: Exploring Interests and Values
    – Chapter 5: Planning Your Career and Education
    Part II: College Success
    – Chapter 6: Managing Time and Money
    – Chapter 7: Improving Reading and Memory
    – Chapter 8: Taking Notes, Writing and Speaking
    – Chapter 9: Test Taking
    Part III: College Success
    – Chapter 10: Communication and Relationships
    – Chapter 11: Thinking Critically and Creatively
    – Chapter 12: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
    – Chapter 13: Appreciating Diversity
    – Chapter 14: Thinking Positively about the Future
  • MI Advantage™, our new multiple intelligences assessment, will help students think positively and build confidence by discovering their intelligence strengths and linking those results to careers best suited to their particular intelligences. Learn more about MI Advantage here.
  • Developing your e-learning style with new sections to help students to learn online.
  • New graphics to illustrate major points and enhance visual learning.
  • Revised journal entry requirements will help developmental students with writing skills by providing scaffolding such as topic sentences, brief outlines and lists of possible ideas to develop their responses. There are five to six journal entries per chapter.
  • New Career Interest Profiler assessment to help students to identify their vocational interests and matching careers.
  • Strengths-based focus as students explore their personality strengths, values, interests and multiple intelligences as a foundation for building lifelong personal and career success.
  • Development of self-responsibility when students make good career choices, set goals for the future and manage time effectively to reach their goals.
  • Emphasis on positive thinking and hope for the future by developing optimism, hope and future-mindedness to increase student success.
  • Motivational quotes to inspire students to be successful.
  • Humor with in-chapter cartoons designed to emphasize important topics.
  • Updated career trends that include “green jobs”, jobs in technology and social media, healthcare and e-commerce.

January 2011

CollegeScope™ Student Success Program Updates

  • All students begin CollegeScope for free! Students can complete the Content Survey (pre-test) and Chapter 1, Understanding Motivation, without an access code or fee. To access the remaining chapters and assessments, students pay online or use a simplified 6-digit access code they can purchase from the bookstore. This new feature will insure that all students get started within the critical first two weeks of the semester to maximize student retention and success.
  • Two scholarships are provided for each course section. You will receive two free access codes for each course section which can be used to help students in need.
  • Students will complete the assessments along with each matching chapter. Students will complete the Do What You Are® personality assessment with the personality chapter and The PEPS Learning Style Inventory along with the learning style chapter.
  • Enhanced faculty training is now available. All faculty members have access to training workshops. New online webinars are provided for individuals and small groups. Training includes basic navigation, getting the most from CollegeScope features, helping your students to log in and use the program, and administration of the assessments.

Product updates prior to 2011 are not archived.