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AchieveWORKS Personality

An independent statistical analysis on the AchieveWORKS Personality (formerly known as Do What You Are® ) assessment was conducted. View the report’s findings.

AchieveWORKS Intelligences

AchieveWORKS Intelligences (formerly known as MI Advantage™) talks about 9 distinct intelligences. Learn more.

A statistical analysis on the AchieveWORKS Intelligences assessment was conducted. View the report for 8th grade to college.

AchieveWORKS Learning and Productivity

Read about the 16 preferences covered in:

Statistical analyses on the AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity (formerly known as the Learning Style Inventory) and the PEPS Learning Style Inventory assessments were conducted. View the report for the AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity and/or PEPS Learning Style Inventory.

Empirical research illustrates the positive effects that occur when students are taught in way that match how they each learn. Educators and counselors have widely confirmed this published research based on first-hand classroom and school-wide experiences. We’ve compiled a sampling of studies related to the identification of students’ learning style characteristics with the AchieveWORKS Learning & Productivity in this PDF. Or you can read more learning style reference materials.