We are excited to be developing a new assessment based on the skills most requested in today’s workplace and you’re invited!

AchieveWORKS Skills

For a limited time, be one of the few to take the research version of the AchieveWORKS® Skills assessment. See your skills and aptitudes ranked in a personalized chart and rate your results. As more people participate, you can log back in weekly and see your updated results as they are compared to others.

To try the assessment

  1. Go to https://center.humanesources.com/
  2. Click on Enter Access Key
  3. Enter the access key J9MGNH8 and click Submit Access Key
  4. Fill in the form to create your account (All information is kept anonymous and confidential)
  5. Click on My Portfolio
  6. Click on Go To Assessment

Why are we doing this?

Your results will be used anonymously for statistical analysis and research purposes.

Note: This special temporary account is a preview of AchieveWORKS Skills and may not be indicative of the final functionality that will be available when the product is released publicly.

We thank you for your assistance!