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Our Partners

We are fortunate to work with some of the top organizations in their respective fields:

Distribution Partners

Domestic Distribution

Hobsons CollegePlannerPro Kendall Hunt Publishing Company XAP Maia Learning

International Distribution

Keys to Succeed

Keys to Succeed is the exclusive partner for Human eSources’ products internationally. Keys to Succeed works with a number of distributors worldwide, including: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

Content Partners


Blackboard • Canvas • Lifeworks Design Group • O*NET

Barbara Barron • Dr. Marsha Fralick • Lifeworks Design Group • Price Systems Inc. • Paul Tieger


Affiliated Organizations


We are also pleased to be affiliated with the following organizations and their events:

IECA HECA League of Innovations