Help clients prepare for college and a career.





Provide targeted guidance with our programs.

It takes a personal approach to guide your clients toward their future goals. We provide effective online resources that will help you learn about your client, create strategies for their success, and plan for their future.

Use our personality type, learning style, and multiple intelligences assessments with your clients to help them gain the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to succeed in their education, career, and personal life.

18+ years of research and real-world experience built-in.

Personality type report

As a trusted provider of online assessments and personal development products, we’ve established a reputation for producing appealing products that are secure, stable and relevant to today’s learners.

Used around the world by millions of students every year, our tools are accessed securely from the browser of any internet-capable device.


Effective for everyone, from juniors to seniors.

We’re flexible! Our tools can be used as part of your current program or offered as a standalone resource to clients. Whatever your choice, we’re here to support you with personal training and consultation options.

Do What You Are

Reveal clients’ hidden potential and
match who they are and what they
enjoy with careers and college majors
proven to be successful.

MI Advantage

Use multiple intelligences to discover students’ unique intellect, boost confidence, strengthen all intelligences and explore recommended careers.




The Learning Style Inventory

Reveal and understand students’ unique
learning style to boost confidence, self-esteem
and academic achievement.