Help clients prepare for college and a career using their strengths

You provide the guidance, we provide the resources to help you learn more about your client and create strategies for their success, including actionable career and education plans.

The AchieveWorks® suite provides middle and high school students with a solid foundation of personal insight that will help them confidently leverage their strengths, plan an educational path and set career goals in which they are most likely to find lifelong satisfaction and success.


At the heart of AchieveWORKS are personalized, interactive reports that students, parents and professionals can use to help each client succeed. Spend more time helping clients and less time figuring out their unique strengths and challenges and development strategies. View each client’s results and track completion of assessments using your professional account. In-depth reports and support guide you in discussions about personal results, goals and aspirations, education plans and recommended career options with related college majors.

20 years of research and real-world experience built-in.

As a trusted provider of online assessments and personal development products, we’ve established a reputation for producing appealing products that are secure, stable and relevant to today’s learners.

Used around the world by millions of students every year, our tools are accessed securely from the browser of any internet-capable device.

Effective for everyone, from freshmen to seniors.

We’re flexible! Our tools can be used as part of your current program or offered as a standalone resource to clients. Whatever your choice, we’re here to support you with personal training and consultation options.

Identify best career options and related educational paths

Reveal students’ unique skills, talents and preferences

Create a solid foundation of insight for personal success

AchieveWORKS Personality
9th to 12th grade

Use the enduring power of personality to tailor clients’ education and career planning. See how personality impacts learning, work and problem solving, communication, collaboration, relationships, and best career fit. Clients receive an engaging and interactive report with their four-letter personality code (“ISFJ”, for example) and its related strengths, challenges and recommendations, along with a select list of careers in which they’re most likely to succeed.



2019 SIIA CODiE WinnerAchieveWORKS Intelligences
8th to 12th grade

Intelligence comes in many forms and can always be further developed. Clients who know their multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence strengths can leverage that knowledge to perform better in school and select a satisfying education and career path. Show clients their intelligences profile with the strengths, challenges, advice, recommendations and more that’s associated with each intelligence, along with a section dedicated to emotional intelligence.



AchieveWORKS Learning and Productivity
6th to 12th grades

Decades of research shows that students learn best in different ways and by engaging all their senses. Discover each client’s traditional sensory learning style, environmental and mindset productivity preferences. Show clients how understanding their learning styles and productivity preferences can maximize their learning. Build academic performance and personal satisfaction with individualized strategies designed to adapt strongest preferences for success in different environments — all found in the engaging and interactive report.



2020 SIIA CODiE FinalistAchieveWORKS Skills
10th to 12th grade

EdTech 2019 Cool Tool Winner
There are many critical skills and aptitudes that individuals should possess to help them prepare for college and the workforce. Give clients an advantage by showing them how their skills rank relative to others. Within their personalized report, clients are shown recommendations to develop 19 distinct skills, as well as top career and pathway matches based on assessment results. Multiple retakes allow you to measure growth over time.



“The information available with AchieveWorks has really helped me understand each student so much better – and improved parent communication as well.”

– Education consultant

AchieveWorks is…

  • Written specifically for students
  • A measure of areas of strength
  • Administration with insight
  • Research-based and field-tested
  • Matched to careers and education
  • Online and fully automated
  • Statistically valid and reliable
  • Easy to read, interactive reports

All of our programs boast:



Use in any internet browser – no specific device required



See results for individuals, groups or entire populations



Live customer support for both staff and students



Secure personal portfolios for students and staff

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