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At Human eSources we’re in the potential business. Every year, millions of individuals, from elementary school students to adults, use our products to discover their potential through understanding their unique personality type, learning preferences, and special gifts and talents.

We believe that each of us has distinct, innate abilities, skills and qualities, and that the secret to fulfilling one’s individual potential and achieving academic and career success is having insight into those strengths and awareness of our challenges. Understanding what makes each of us unique builds confidence and improves performance in reaching life goals. This belief drove development of our first assessment over 20 years ago and remains intrinsic to every tool we offer today.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, we can help you do better in school, be more productive at work, and find that dream job.

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Whether preparing for college or already in the first year, understand what to expect and make plans to succeed with our programs.


College and Career Readiness Edition

Prepare for academic and career success

The first year at college can be overwhelming for many students. CollegeScope® is an engaging, nine-chapter textbook designed for student success that encourages first-year college students to develop career goals and an educational path to achieve them. CollegeScope incorporates results from the AchieveWorks® suite of online personal assessments, as well as quizzes, activities and journal entries that help relate the topics covered to your life. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable awareness of good study and health habits, and money management too.

If an in-depth college and career readiness program isn’t available at a student’s high school or college, CollegeScope can be purchased for personal use outside the classroom. Students enrolled at their school must use the information supplied in class to purchase.

2021 CODiE Finalist

CollegeScope Online

To purchase the online version of CollegeScope ($50) register for a new account using the access key FCB8MC8

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What if 20 minutes could improve how you view yourself? Would you wait 20 minutes for personalized career advice? It takes 20 minutes or less to complete our personal assessments. The results of that time investment are exponential when the recommendations within the report are received.

TruTalent Personality
for college students and adults

How well do you know yourself? Do you know what your strengths and challenges are – and how they relate to your success at work and in relationships? Find a career you’ll enjoy because it matches who you are or enjoy your current work more by acknowledging areas to improve.

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TruTalent Intelligences
for college students and adults

Are you working in a job that makes the most of your intelligence? Did you know there’s more to being smart than just IQ? Discover how you rank on nine multiple intelligences, compare your profile to careers, and receive recommendations on building all your intelligences within your personalized results.

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TruTalent Learning and Productivity
for college students and adults

Do you know how you work best? Does your current work environment match those preferences? Or has it recently changed and you need to adapt? See your learning style results along with 12 additional preferences to maximize your productivity in any environment using modification suggestions to best suit you.

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TruTalent Skills
for college students and adults

When people ask what you’re good at, what do you say? Whether you’re looking to improve your current work situation or find something new, see how you stack up on the skills employers are looking for. See how your unique skillset compares to others – and particular careers – plus get tips to improve those skills.

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Are you looking to improve your child’s learning experience at home and at school? Want to better understand your child’s personal strengths and challenges – and see how they relate to possible careers? Our trusted, award-winning 20-minute self-assessments are used by millions of students every year. The resulting reports help individuals build the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

AchieveWORKS Learning and Productivity
for 3rd to 5th & 6th to 12th grades

Decades of research shows that children learn best in different ways and by engaging all their senses. Discover your child’s traditional sensory learning style, environmental and mindset productivity preferences. Show your child how understanding their learning styles and productivity preferences can maximize their learning. Build academic performance and personal satisfaction with individualized strategies designed to adapt strongest preferences for success in different environments — all found in the engaging and interactive report.

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2019 SIIA CODiE WinnerAchieveWORKS Intelligences
for 8th to 12th grade

Do you know your child’s intellectual strengths? Has your child compared their talents to their career goals? Help your child look beyond traditional IQ measures by taking our award-winning, online emotional and multiple intelligences assessment designed for 8th to 12th grade students. AchieveWorks Intelligences delivers an easy-to-read report with insights on personal intellectual strengths and related careers, advice for school, and recommendations for continued intellectual growth. The end result? A confident learner with a clear plan of what they want and how they can get there.

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AchieveWORKS Personality
for 9th to 12th grade

How well do you know your child? Does your child notice how they are like or unlike others around them? Understand who your child is with our online personality type assessment that has been taken by millions of 9th to 12th grade over the past 23 years. AchieveWorks Personality provides you with an easy-to-read report that will show your child’s true personality, careers enjoyed by others like them, and tips to succeed at school, work, and with others. By better understanding your child and recognizing your similarities and differences it will improve your relationship and allow a meaningful conversation around career planning.

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2020 SIIA CODiE FinalistAchieveWORKS Skills
10th to 12th grade

EdTech 2019 Cool Tool Winner
What are your child’s strongest skills? How do those skills relate to their schooling and career choice? See where your child excels and where (and how) they could improve with our award-winning skills assessment for 10th to 12th grade. The easy-to-read report for AchieveWorks Skills reveals your child’s skillset, suggested careers based on their results, and recommendations to further develop each skill for school, work, and life. Discuss your child’s current soft skills with them and encourage continued growth so they reach their personal, academic and career aspirations.

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Home Learning Tips

For elementary school students

If you’re responsible for continuing the education of a primary school student in your home, we have tips to make the experience a positive one with this 20-minute read.

To read, select the button below or LOG IN from the top right of this page, enter the access key CPTVRGV and create an account following the steps on the page. In your account, Go To Home Learning – Elementary and on the Contents page under Chapters click the text to view our tips for home learning.


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