Their future is ahead…
discover their
best path.





Help students find their potential with our tools.

Research and experience have shown that students who have a sound understanding of their strengths and challenges are more likely to reach their academic goals – and be prepared for their future career path.

Help your students uncover their potential, improve study habits, discover career goals and establish an education plan to achieve their dreams with our tools. More importantly, provide students with self-awareness that they can continue to call upon as their life plan evolves.

Proven through research and
over 18 years of real-world experience.

Multiple intelligences profile

Used in thousands of classrooms and tested with clinical research, our grade school offering provides a menu approach to serving student needs, from standalone personality type, learning style and multiple intelligences assessments to a complete student success curriculum.

All tools are accessed online through our secure, state-of-the-art technology platform that can be configured to your institution’s unique needs.

Effective from third grade
to 12th grade students.

Human eSources’ programs are in thousands of classrooms across North America, playing a central role in helping students chart their future career and education plans.

Our tools are used as part of informal counseling programs or included in formal technology platforms that support mandated educational plans.

Do What You Are

Reveal students’ hidden potential and match who
they are and what they enjoy with careers and
college majors proven to be successful.

MI Advantage

Help students discover their unique intellect, boost confidence levels, strengthen all of their intelligences and explore recommended careers.




The Learning Style Inventory

Reveal and understand students’ unique
learning style to boost confidence, self-esteem
and academic achievement.