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At Human eSources we’re in the potential business. Every year, millions of individuals, from elementary school students to adults, use our products to discover their potential through understanding their unique personality type, learning preferences, and special gifts and talents.

We believe that each of us has distinct, innate abilities, skills and qualities, and that the secret to fulfilling one’s individual potential and achieving academic and career success is having insight into those strengths and awareness of our challenges. Understanding what makes each of us unique builds confidence and improves performance in reaching life goals. This belief drove development of our first assessment over 20 years ago and remains intrinsic to every tool we offer today.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, we can help you do better in school, be more productive at work, and find that dream job.

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College and Career Readiness Edition

Prepare for academic and career success

The first year at college can be overwhelming for many students. CollegeScope® is an engaging, nine-chapter textbook designed for student success that encourages first-year college students to develop career goals and an educational path to achieve them. CollegeScope incorporates results from the AchieveWORKS® suite of online personal assessments, as well as quizzes, activities and journal entries that help relate the topics covered to your life. Along the way, you’ll gain valuable awareness of good study and health habits, and money management too.

CODiE Award Finalist 2018
Best College & Career Readiness Solution

If an in-depth college and career readiness program isn’t available at a student’s high school or college, CollegeScope can be purchased below for personal use outside the classroom. Students enrolled at their school must use the information supplied in class to purchase.

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CollegeScope is available with online assessments from Amazon ($50).

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To purchase the online version of CollegeScope ($50) register for a new account using the access key FCB8MC8

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