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Discover what makes you, you.

Learn who you are – your strengths, challenges, preferred ways of working and thinking – and receive a list of career matches tailored to you. Personality type, multiple intelligences, learning style and productivity preferences reveal aspects of yourself that apply to how you think, relate to others and learn best.

When you take that knowledge and combine it with personal career matches you can be confident that you’re headed in the right direction. Explore careers you are most likely to succeed in and search for a new career today.

Used by career consultants.
Now available to everyone.

Proven through decades of clinical research and real-world experience, Strengths for Success gives you control of your work life. Improve productivity with your current employer, build stronger relationships, and prepare to apply for a promotion or take steps down a new career path with the knowledge gained from Strengths for Success’s in-depth report and career tools.

Find a career you love.

Until recently, the assessments found within Strengths for Success were only available to career counselors and human resources professionals. Now you can take control of your career planning with Strengths for Success. All you need is 40 minutes and a browser on any internet-capable device. Log in to your secure personal account to complete the assessment, view your report, and search for that perfect job!




Strengths for Success
Discover the career of your dreams! Match who you are and what you enjoy by using your personality type and multiple intelligences results in your job search. Go to our retail site for individuals to learn more about and purchase Strengths for Success.