1997… Steve Jobs returns to APPLE… JK Rowling publishes her first installment in the Harry Potter franchise… Windows 95, Motorola StarTAC and Netscape are state-of-the-art… the Toyota Prius enters production and Blackboard LLC was established.

Oh… and Human eSources is founded.

A lot can happen in 25 years. And considering the vast majority of new businesses don’t make it past their second birthday, we’re incredibly proud to pause and recognize our 25th!

Way back in 1997, Bert Miller, our founder, had a simple-yet-powerful idea – provide individuals the insight into their innate preferences, talents, skills, and traits to make more informed decisions about their future.

The idea of personal insights, awareness and responsibility have become the bedrock of today’s educational and career planning best practices, but in 1997, the means of gaining this insight were “test-and-prescribe” aptitude tests that were introduced in the 20th Century to aid in the military ramp-up to World War II.

Bert’s insight meant bringing the work of Carl Jung, Myers and Briggs, Dunn, Dunn and Price, Howard Gardner, and others into the digital age and within the grasp of everyone. This has enabled students and adults from all walks of life to benefit from modern psychometric theory with the potential to dramatically improve the quality of their lives.

Every year, millions of people across North America, Asia, Australia, India, Europe, and Latin America use our award-winning career assessments, AchieveWorks® and TruTalent®, to develop career and educational goals that are uniquely tuned to their personality preferences, skills, and talents, using Human eSources Career Matching Technology®.

Today, thousands of college freshmen use our CollegeScope® curriculum to make the transition from high school to their first year of college productive.

The simple idea of giving people the insights they need to make better personal choices… putting People First… has been at our core for the past quarter-century.

Our People First focus has helped us continue to improve and refine our solutions for today’s students and adults. It is also leading us into new endeavors where knowing your preferences, skills, and talents has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations and people connect and work together for mutual benefit.

That said, we don’t pretend that our 25th anniversary is anything but the result of hard work, trust, and collaboration from our Human eSources family, our distribution partners, our individual schools, districts and the thousands of professionals we work with every single year. Thank you.

So here’s to Human eSources’ 25th anniversary. The following 25 years are going to be equally exciting… so hang on!