Prepare students for success in college …and beyond.

College and Career Success, based on the book of the same name, is a 14 chapter online student success textbook designed to help students thrive in their first year of college. Topics include college, career and lifelong success with the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, and future career trends. Engage students with interactive activities to practice the learned material, auto-scored quizzes with instant feedback to check understanding of key concepts, and journal entries to encourage critical thinking and application of the course material to their personal lives. Set students up for success when they think positively about themselves and their future!

Support student’s college & career journey

Easily monitor
student progress

Improve student achievement

Take a peek inside College & Career Success

Measure Your Success activityCollege & Career Success pageDo What You Are results within chapterMultiple intelligence results within College & Career Success

Knowledge check

See what students have learned with before & after ratings on the subjects covered

Easy to read

Capture student interest with graphics, quotes, and more throughout chapters to keep their interest

Built-in results

Students can see their personality type, multiple intelligences and learning style results in chapter


Students learn how to make the most of all their intelligences with MI Advantage included

“South Mountain has adopted the Canvas integrated College and Career Success e-text for our College Success Strategies course in the Spring of 2017. The interactive e-text has made it easier for students to engage the course material more fully and the integration with Canvas has also improved the user experience for the instructors. The embedded assessments, journal responses and chapter quizzes encourage students to more fully review material for classes and allows instructors to see the extent to which students are connecting with this material. The resources provided to the instructors exceeded everyone’s expectations and this transition to the new materials has been a very positive experience for all involved.”

Dr. Troy A Melendez
Division Chair, Counseling: Career and Personal Development
Success Course Coordinator
Residential Counseling Faculty
South Mountain Community College

College & Career Success is…

  • Written specifically for students
  • Online and automated
  • Easy student tracking
  • Flexible chapters and delivery
  • Comprehensive content
  • Positive psychology concepts
  • Engaging for students
  • Helpful in employment search

All of our programs boast:


Available online, any time, from anywhere (24x7x365)


Live customer support for both staff and students


Use in any internet browser – no specific device required


Secure personal portfolios for students and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can College & Career Success be taught?

A: College & Career Success can be taught as a standalone resource or as part of traditional in-person, online or hybrid courses.

Q: What assessments are in College & Career Success?

A: Personality type (Do What You Are) and multiple intelligences (MI Advantage) assessment results are integrated within the program.

Q: How do students access College & Career Success?

A: Students log in to a website using a browser on any internet-capable device.

“College & Career Success taught me the most about myself and the person I want to become, and the things I need most in college and in my life. I enjoyed the set up and the personal evaluation quizzes College & Career Success had us take.” -student

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