Discover students’
unique learning preferences


The PEPS Learning Style Inventory is the most accurate and widely used learning style inventory in the education community worldwide.

Based on the original paper and pencil assessment developed by Dunn, Dunn and Price, the PEPS Learning Style Inventory has been proven to be a valid and reliable instrument through over 30 years of doctoral research.

Online and fully automated, counselors and education professionals who use the PEPS Learning Style Inventory spend more time helping their students and less time administering assessments.

Show students
how to improve
their learning

Improve student’s
productivity and
study habits

Save time with
easy assessment

Take a peek inside The PEPS Learning Style Inventory

PEPS selected answer to questionPEPS chart with 16 preferencesPEPS report with strategiesPEPS available in Spanish


Written for college students using familiar scenarios and takes only 15 minutes

Easy reference

Report includes a chart showing all of a student’s preferences at a glance

Improve learning

Each preference has a description and tips on making the most of their environment


Switch between English, Spanish and more for English Language Learners

“Using PEPS shows students what their preferences are for learning, then provides advice on how to use that to their advantage. I can see the difference it makes in awareness of their environment.”

-counselor at community college

The PEPS Learning Style Inventory is…

  • Written for college students
  • Fast and convenient
  • Online and fully automated
  • Statistically valid and reliable
  • Accurate and precise
  • Multilingual and culturally relevant
  • A guide to successful learning
  • Based on 30+ years of research

All of our programs boast:



Available online, any time, from anywhere (24x7x356)



Live customer support for both staff and students



Use in any internet browser – no specific device required



Secure personal portfolios for students and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the PEPS
Learning Style Inventory
based on?

A: Over 30 years ago Rita and Kenneth Dunn constructed a first-generation… READ MORE

Q: What are the
preferences in the PEPS
Learning Style Inventory

A: Areas analyzed include immediate environment, emotionality, sociological needs… READ MORE

Q: What does
PEPS Learning Style

A: The PEPS Learning Style Inventory reveals how students prefer to study, concentrate… READ MORE

“I learned a lot of new study techniques that I can practice and that don’t make me feel overwhelmed. It was a breath of fresh air to help motivate me to continue and be successful.”


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